Outstanding Weekend

Opposite to a Screwed Weekend, an outstanding weekend is one when you spend a lustrous time. And this was the one.


On Saturday – first day of weekend, everyone wants to do as much rest as much one can. And when I got up at 1400, what can be better than a thrilling strike by Indians in first test match against South Africa. It didn’t seem to be a test match at all when Indians were taking out the RSA wickets like anything. Sreesanth was on full swing and hit RSA to the deepest level by picking 5 wickets. It was first 5-wicket haul of his test career. We forgot the Nel when we watched Sreesanth roaring over RSA batsmen! Then Zaheer was in complete josh, partnering with Sreesanth to make RSA send back to pavilion on that day only. And then started the Indian Inn started with Sehwag thrilling the bowlers after Jaffer went for nothing special. Wall (Dravid) was also broken for nothing. Laxman and Saurav kept Indian hopes alive to give a big target to RSA. And for whole day, we were sitting in front of TV watching this test turned into ODI. By the time, match was called off for day, it was time to go to bed. But before that, if you get to watch Kicking and Screaming on HBO…man it was so hilarious with me and Anuj going to sleep laughing all the way. Still there was some room to watch Elektra on Star Movies for some time in late night.


On Sunday morning, when you know that you are going to have a great dancing day, you already in mood to stick to your decision of watching TV for whole day. It was telecast of all previous episodes of Nach Balliye…err Nach Baliye 2 on Star One. So if you don’t like to watch those Ekta Kapoor dramas mixed with the dance on every Monday night, this is the one day when you can see the real juice of all the episodes – one day before the grand final between Jodi No. 02 (Yash and Gauri) and Jodi Number 08 (Hussain and Tina). It was great time watching the TV couples dancing on the screen, laughing, screaming and the big dramas of judges, showing  the steps, dance and much more. In parallel, you start watching the cricket match and then the thrilling six of Sreesanth to make Andre Nel go shut up. Who can forget that awesome break dance of Sreesanth in front of Andre Nel? And umpires were all the way going ga ga on that dance and admiring his steps. Also it was told that he is the one from South, a great break-dancer who also teaches dance to his team-mates and can be a threat to Rajnikanth! If you missed the steps, here is the video of the pitch dance by Sreesanth from YouTube –



Thank you, Dhiren. Before this act of Sreesanth, Nel was quoted challenging him –

“Show me your heart”

Thanks Sid for reminding that one.


And this went as response from Sreesanth.


In the night, when match seemed almost won by Indian with Zaheer taking Gibbs’ wicket on fourth ball of RSA Inn and calling off for lunch 2 balls before scheduled time, and then Sreesanth, once again, getting heavy on RSA Inn taking 3 more wickets with RSA struggling by loosing 5 wickets for about 150 runs. And in night, Kiran More was out of his den after long time since the ashamed loss of India in ODI to talk about the India’s strong position and to-be strategies in this almost won match…politics…huh. And then Dalmia is also thrown out of BCCI.


In-between we kept watching Music channels. New album of Rageshwari seems promising. Would be downloading it tomorrow…


Then it was the first episode of Star Wars – Phantom Menace on Star Movies at 2100 after we finished laughing on Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Star One (we all roomies preferred it over GIFA) and Liar Liar on HBO.


I love Star Wars series and now when whole series is going to be shown on every Sunday night after the Bond series, I am going to stick to Star Movies. I also love Die Hard, X-Men and Matrix sequels.


Oh, how can I forget to thank our maid who tolerated us and passed the eatables from time to time!


Updated (December 19, 2006): India won the test and Jodi Number 08 (Hussain and Tina) won Nach Baliye 2.

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