Announcement: Blog Network

It has been sometime since I have updated this space. The reason is that I have been busy posting over the connected blogs which have turned this space into a blog network now.
So without further ado, here announcing the launch of the blog network and following connected blogs:

  • Extreme Trampers : Tramping has become part of my life once again after a long gap of more than 12 years. It is these small bunch of fabulous guys who like to hang out with each other once in a while and could not find a better excuse than to tramp together. Started in January 2015, we have been doing this exercise as a mandatory summer season chore here in the backwoods of New Zealand (mostly Auckland) for almost three years. This venture definitely required its own dedicated space to post our fun+adventurous stories of exploring undiscovered mountain ranges.
  • tumblr 3.0 :: Nitesh Gautam – Net 2.0 tumblr: Very much like popular tumblr network. A place to throw anything and everything interesting. In past when Internet was still in evolution state (read before HTML5), this thing (anything and everything) used to be limited to forwarded emails and message boards but as Internet evolved, we got very interesting videos, amazing images / infographics and awesome websites which no one ever thought of before the current advancements in web technologies. All those distractions demanded a dedicated space to showcase breathtaking achievements of today’s Internet.
    At present tumblr contains more than 3745 posts or exactly 3783 posts for more than 10 years or exactly 123 months which comes down to at least one post per day. Now you know where most of my attention has been focused on during the recent years.
  • Updates :: Nitesh Gautam – Life…as it happens!: Who doesn’t like to be a social animal no matter how much isolated one is. It is this scary gamut of social-networking websites trying to collect every single bit of personal information in lieu of providing the platform to share the updates which turned me towards posting my updates on a self hosted platform. By the time I started with this website, WordPress had already evolved into a micro-blogging website. You are cordially invited to peek into my no-so-interesting personal life here.

In future I am planning to aggregate all posts from these blogs into this space as soon as they are posted on the respective blogs – Net 2.0::Nitesh Gautam