A new journey and a new meaning

This post was written in start of this month while preparing for a new adventurous journey and it remained saved in drafts while I was struggling to get along the flow. Now that I have been able to open my eyes, see the things from different perspective and opportunities are working out, I got time to post this one and put down my after-thoughts. So don’t miss to read the later part of this post relevant to present time, after one month!


February 01, 2012

Starting a new journey in a new year and a new month with a trusted friend.


Recently I was asked by someone close about the frequent changes and happenings which have never let me stay at one same point for a long time during my life after grad. I was clueless because this time, even I wasn’t sure that life will give me such a big surprise on such a short notice that even I myself would need time to realize how big it actually is! And now when I am amongst everything new, yes everything including my shoes and socks, all I am trying to feel right now is the light and brightness around me.


Here is a quote which always encouraged me to move towards the door which has just opened –



When one door of happiness closes, another opens;

but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one

which has been opened for us.


Helen Keller

US blind & deaf educator (1880 – 1968)


Hoping for this journey to be the best!


February 29, 2012

It is fun in its own to write on February 29 and what can be better than you enjoying the best companionship and that you actually got time to write!


It has been a month when I had started my journey that I believe, is going to change my life in coming years. In this one month, I have met heaps of new people, went to couple of beautiful locations and have been thinking a lot but one thing has remained unchanged in all these happenings – my best friend, someone who is the sole reason for me to sail to new place in search of new meaning to life and I am glad to say that it has been more than meaningful (or as they say magical) in all these days. This was the time we both had wished to spend together in all these years of our friendship.


Except one thing, the daily bread which has been cause of disturbance to me while I have been working hard to get it resolved and the things are turning positive for that as well, I have been thoroughly enjoying the company which I always wanted to have while learning through different eyes.

It has been one of the best times of my life. I had not felt better in any other scenario and wish it continues for years and decades to come.


I believe that if you want something, it will come to you one day. All you have to do is to keep working towards that one thing and never give up the thought of it. Left to myself, I had been isolated and working towards only that one thing desperately but it has not been the case and I am actually enjoying my strive so far.

One particular thing about me is that I always remember the people, I meet, while working towards that one goal and be thankful to the ones who helped me in achieving it – it is one of those rare times when I am having that struggle and I am recognizing the wonderful people I am meeting or have to meet.


As uncertain as I was to start this new journey, that much confident and excited I am now after being with my best mate and companion. May the things work well in the time to come…