Where American Economy went wrong

For that, personally I think every American can answer better than me sitting far away from the country but since its economy affects world in one way or other, wanted to ponder few words as my contribution to this thought process.


As per my observation, anyone who has been following political and economical changes (so called reforms) in US in past couple of years, would agree that the answer lies in the decisions of the countrymen in electing the government, the reasons for which the government was elected and the ways adopted by government to get past those issues.


Not many people talk openly about the rough policies brought by US administration in recent years. Even I would be refraining as well since am not the right one to highlight every single of them. Would give only one or two example here like those economy boosting plans including the ones restricting the outsourcing, the drastic increase in number of rejection of US visas (especially B1), increase in visa fee (especially in H1B), policies which have thrashed the economy in worse way as compared to the recession. And not to overlook the offensive statements by US president from time to time about developing countries referring to them as the ones stealing the American future (which can be found along-with references over this blog).


Right now I am feeling that it actually was better that I didn’t wrote much in past months!