Indian team, the players and media

It was a feast to watch India first sweeping England and the WI in both tests and ODIs about couple of months back.

In middle of ODI series with WI, something funny in press caught my attention and I couldn’t resist posting it here when same press is asking players to quit on basis of their record in just one series at Australia.


Article of leading daily newspaper a day before fourth ODI:

Sehwag-Gambhir jodi missing the touch

A Tweaked-Up Game May Help Sehwag Score Big Again



Headline of same daily newspaper on day after fourth ODI:



The same jodi talked about in previous article made stand of 176 runs for first wicket in fourth ODI.

I think it makes clear who is posing as critic and then trying to defy it!


Media has turned into a funny thing now-a-days.