Insecure Capital

I would love to visit Rajasthan and Kashmir any number of times, and perhaps Delhi but I had never visited Delhi if you had not been there. It is insecure city.

And that coming from a fellow countryman would make anyone feel ashamed when the insecure city being referred to happens to be the capital of country.


And so is the feeling when you read more facts like –

  • a PM who doesn’t speak until someone attacks him directly.
  • a finance minister who is always ‘concerned’ but happy to attribute everything to ‘global factors’
  • an opposition team with no balls and is happy to keep themselves busy in-fighting and bitching (read blogging) about each other
  • a CM who thinks everyone around her is either a Maoist or CPM Cadre and every train accident is a conspiracy or sabotage
  • Regional and opportunistic political parties to whom bandh means vandalizing public property.
  • a President who is oblivious to the country’s state of affairs because she is seldom in the country
  • an airline which is a black hole to the tax payers’ money
  • an economy with a constantly falling currency and GDP
  • news channels which do everything they can to grab the TRPs by having talk shows and bringing in the
  • spokespersons from political parties who find solace only in mud-slinging

Sadly, these are the attributes defining the country today.


Thanks to Mohit for sharing the facts.