The Bakery

There is new bakery in town i.e. around our living place. It has got variety as well as quality which we like the most about it.

Not to dangle from the main topic, the discussion here is about what has it got to offer that we have had so far – just for sake of sharing, for information to others living in and around Sector 23, Gurgaon!


Thanks to our maid who hasn’t been coming for last 2 weeks that I got change to visit this bakery. Chunks, Vinny and Poo had been there for few times in past when I was at home on vacations…yeah our dear maid hadn’t shown up in those days as well. Me and Chunks are the fellows who are at home over weekends. And we have got company of each other only. We enjoy it the way it can best be enjoyed…watching movies, listening songs, roaming outside, eating and not to forget, sleeping.

Last weekend was my first visit to Bakery thinking that this might be the only time I might be visiting it. We had Chhole Kulche the very first time on the guarantee of Chunks for good quality as he already had them once. And then as soon as it started, it didn’t stop for every other weekend day when it was meal time.Since then we have tasted Pav-Bhajee, Chhole Bhature, Jumbo Sandwich and Shahi Paneer with Butter Naan.

No need to say, we have enjoyed every single of these soooooo much…yummy. Definitely recommended. BTW, its name is Samrat Bakery (Chunk thinks that it is one branch of big chain and no comments from my side).


PS: This post was written in first week of October 2009 but couldn’t be posted.