In US of A land

Presently I am residing here in US of A as Hema called it out! I am here for official trip from my firm and had reached here on December 4. Right now staying somewhere in San Jose and working at nearby location in Sunnyvale. Lucky to have company of two mates here – Amit Gupta and Nitesh Gupta (Nits). We all are colleagues. Nits is here since Nov and I have reached here with Amit. We go to office together, almost staying together and cooking together too. I am liking this place because of its beautiful infra and VTS service. Moreover there are lot of people from other races here as they say that more than 40% people are Indians in this city and it is also known as Gandhi Nagar. It feels like mini India. People are quite friendly and one can easily get hooked up with the ones of their interest. I had my tryst with locals and I am feeling good being here after meeting with them.


Whole week I was busy in settling down at office and at the apartments. Things were so messed up at both places. For first time, I realized that even a girl can mess up an apartment too much to clean up properly. Eh.


This was the first weekend and went out to Mccarthy Ranch. There first went to Best Buy and looked at the electronics goods primarily. But I found that all those which I wanted were more cheaper when purchased online than from store provided you know where to look out over Internet. Then it was Wallmart to get other stuff for living. Interestingly I happened to meet and talk with 2 Indian guys (Harsh and Sri) at Best Buy and one at Wallmart (Srinivas) which was surprising for me provided my nature of… At the end of day, we had something going inside our stomachs (I am not able to recall the name of outlet) but I must say, it is very hard for a veggie to survive on fast-food here specially when you get to eat ultra-cold burgers and that too, not much tasty :roll:. India is much better in that way. Also, here McDonald’s doesn’t serve any vegetable items…huh. Also bus service is till 0830 only on weekend. So you better get into last bus otherwise you will be left thinking of almost no other alternative.


Weather here is quite cold and you can’t be out from home without any jacket even when it is a sunny day. And purchase of a jacket was the costliest part of my shopping :D. I chose Raiders to save myself from deadly cold outside. It was quite expensive shopping for me out of we 3 at the end of day but I had something to feel good for sleeping soundly. Nits is still busy with issues :)…poor guy. I don’t know when will he get to sleep.


On lighter note, I happened to see not even a single unmarried Indian girl over whole trip!!!


I am downloading selected movies to watch out later and to feel homely ;). Also listening to music all the time while being at home. My messenger contacts can see my status changing every 5 minutes. Also family and friends out there in India are helping a lot to make me not feel much nostalgic.


Yuvraj just hit like a star in third test of India against Pak. It was he who acclerated Indian innings and made it to achieve record 350+ score on very first day of test. India made 626 and has Pakistan has made 86/1 in first innings till the end of second day. You can watch out live video streaming of match at Live TVs Online. Thanks Nits for providing the link.

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