Khoya Khoya Chand

It was good experience of watching a Hindi Movie here in US. First movie that we have watched here is Khoya Khoya Chand at Indian Movie Center on this Sunday. The theatre gives you feel of our desi cinemas at the cost of foreign money.It is a movie about the Golden Era of Indian Cinema which rotated around the 70 and early 80s. Movies goes fine and you enjoy it in its first half which raises expectations but second half becomes too slow to bear with. And there were few beautiful dialogues which we enjoyed like Apne waqt se aage nikalna aasan hai par uska saamna karna…bohot mushkil. Overall this movie was average with mix of fun for Amit, Nits and Tapan too. Then a visit to Fry’s with Amit where we had to do some shopping of electronic goods.


On Saturday, it was great and costliest shopping at The Great Mall…sometimes you find yourself irresistible for the things you can’t avoid. And that commenced the weekend with Sunday night discussion over the movie!! Nits still feels that there were lot of questions left open by director Shantanu Moitra. The acting of Soha Ali Khan was good.


Weekdays are all same but something surprising has been happening everyday with us since we both have landed on this land and so am I expecting today!!

Rating: 6/10

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