Punjab burning over Religion

Amit asked me first thing this morning – What is going in Punjab these days and what riots going on these days there. I had no idea and then I realized that I was away from newspaper for last 4 days…I hadn’t gotten chance to even touch it but perhaps Amit was expecting me to answer and he knew that I will. After going through few sources and of course, truly punjabis, Raji and Sumit, I came to know about whole story which is quite eye-opening and tells about the those strong faith-holders in religion but with their eyes closed.


In Punjab, if you dress like a religious lord, chances are that you will be criticized and so called fatwa could also be issued against you. After wearing attire of the worshiped figure of Sikh community, Guru Gobind Singh – tenth Sikh Guru, protests were made by community against the leader who also belongs to same Sikh community but is from different sector.


News goes like –



Clashes between two sects in Bhatinda and Dera chief asks followers to maintain calm



Members of the Nihang sect clashed with supporters of Dera Sachcha Sauda after their leader wore an attire similar to that of Guru Govind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru in a baptising ceremony two days ago.


Nihang Sikhs protested the move and burnt effigies of the Dera Sachcha Sauda leader Sant Ram Rahim.



Trouble had been brewing between supporters of the Dera Sachcha Sauda and the Nihang Singh sect after an effigy of Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim was burnt by members of the Nihang Singh sect and Sikhs in Bathinda on Monday.


Five people were injured in Monday’s clashes and the tension seems to be spreading, with minor clashes reported from Ludhiana.



Sikh demonstrators at the gate of Patna Saheb Gurudwara



There has also been strong protest at political level that India’s home minister had to assure that legal action will be taken as it has hurt the sentiments of Sikhs.


I was also thinking about Hindu religion where they themselves dress others to look like the worshiped figures in order to spread the religious teachings during the public concerts/exhibitions (e.g. the festivals like Deepawali/Dussehra) but then this religion has its own drawbacks. In my belief, a religion should be flexible enough to deal with controversies.


There is also a strong possibility of political connection with this happening rather a mishap which is described as follows in news –


Punjab on the edge, CM calls meet


The Dera Sacha Sauda has mass following in the Malwa region of Punjab in places like Bathinda and Patiala, and during the recent assembly elections in Punjab, the Dera had issued a edict to its followers to vote for the Congress.


As a result, the Shiromani Akali Dal suffered a setback in the Malwa region.
Analysts say that the ongoing violence in the state could be a ploy by the Akalis to regain their ‘Panthic’ credentials in the region.


I wonder, why some religions are so stringent that sometimes you fear of being a part of them! Religions are made for peace. They are made to protect your people and not to kill them. What would you say about a religion in which people fight and die, they kill their own broters and own countrymen? It applies to almost every religion existing today :(. Religions are no more for tranquility but are made to be taken for proving themselves supreme and most influencing. I hate damn politics, but then, I hate girls too…mmmmm sometime…there are somethings in this world which you don’t like but then, you can’t live without them :D. Sometimes evil becomes your necessity ;M).

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