Search different networks at one place

If you like to search through different engines or you are regular hopper over number of social networks for reading more and more news, here is a place where you can get everything on one page.



sputtr Let us you search about 36 (presently) engines/platforms (including almost every popular one).


A refreshingly clean way to search the things that matter the most.


Now you can save valuable time by having all the right searches on just one page!



You need to enter the search term and click on the website that you want to search for. You will be directly taken to the search results found after searching that website. Therefore, no more need to remember those 36 websites 🙂


It’s simple – reeeaal simple.

It’s fast – faster than most others out there.

It’s a collection of all your favorite search engines – all on just one page!

It’s pretty – at least we think so.


It’s Sputtr.


And it is sleek, shiny and sexy…I mean it is AJAXy errr a Web 2.0 product.

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