New Google Search Layout

Google has rolled out its new search layout for its default search engine.



There are more tabs at top, enhanced the bar to display more user search data and now, your search is more organic when related Google Service (along-with Web) is decided on the basis of your search term.


At the same time, they have also put out their experimental search interfaces for rest of the world at – Google Experimental. Presently, they have 4 on the display –


  • Timeline and map views
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Left-hand search navigation
  • Right-hand contextual search navigation


Interfaces are quite self-explanatory from their name and are really innovative. I was thinking about what if first 3 are combined…it would come out to be one of the best interface that I would ever had seen! And of course, Google maintains consistency. See, here in Keyboard shortcuts layout, they have used same J and K for navigation!


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