British MP campaigning over twitter

Twitter has become next communication legend for 21st century. It is grown so much and has become that much popular that is being used as medium for political campaign by politicians – of course in western world. British MP Alan Johnston is doing campaign for becoming deputy leader from Labor party through Twitter.


It is one of 50-odd updates, shared with a rapidly growing number of “friends” (personally invited to keep in touch) and “followers” (who have chosen to see his Twitter feed) since March 10. The number will be growing fast, with the deputy leadership race in full swing following John Prescott’s resignation last week.

It is called as 21st century PR overpowering other media with the statement from Alan –

“Only 60 % of UK households use the internet regularly. Mobile phone penetration is nearly 100 %,” he says. “Twitter is a way of making the campaign much more accessible to most people. We’ve taken a decision that Alan is not going to start a blog just for the deputy leader contest.”


Here in India, still politicians pacify tech expectations of voters by distributing controversial and racial CDs.


It really soothes you, specially when you are in IT that lots and lots of politicians and journalists are switching to technology for communicating with their followers.

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