It has been 3 years to these articles published in last issue of Bit@Byte of our times

I was feeling nostalgic this time when I went to home. I was running through my collection of old issues of our department magazines Bit@Byte and Techie Talks.


Bit@Byte was started publishingi n year 2002 when I was in 2nd year of my graduation. I didn’t know much about this mag at that time and all I used to get was a quarterly issue from KT – she was member of editorial group of mag from very start. The reason behind it was that the technical articles covered in this about 12–15 page magazine were very high-end and were not meant for the perky guys who have just completed their fun-filled first year and now getting to learn the hard stuff. At that time, I had just heard about Linux and had its GUI experience of few hours – that is completely different story.


Vivek Patial from my city was studying in MCA in same department. It was all series of consequences, how I came in contact with him through Vijay (another guy from my city whom I knew through very dramatical incidence in my own city…but wouldn’t like to disclose it soon :roll:). It was end of 2nd sem and I was at home. So we thought of testing Linux on my PC. He had the installation CDs but it was not geting installed on his machine (some configuration problems). So it was just then that it was installed on more than extra space of my 20 GB HDD and I got to see the Linux GUI for few hours to fall in love with it before it was crashed and all we were left with CLI Linux. So that was my first encounter with the word L. After my 3rd sem, Linux always used to be on my machine…be it Red Hat, Mandrake or SUSE. One I liked the most was Fedora.


I was talking about B@B. So what happened those days was that half of mag used to be filled up with hardcore extreme Linux articles which involved Hacking into Linux (the one from Anirudh Khanna also listed passwords of our lectrurs and mates). The there were lot light ones copied from net which happened to be already read by us most of the times. And there were only big guys (from final years) contributing in the mag. No one from our years or the juniors even knew the medium to contribute, rest is not even needed to be revealed. So for me, it was quite useless for one or more year till I got into the tech stuff myself. Plus when I was called for becoming the member of core-editorial team of B@B.

It was the time when B@B was completely changed with Kirtsheel as Student co-ordinator and now it was reformed to one including both tech as well as non-tech stuff. It was evolved to become 50 page mag with almost everyone from dept contributing for it. It was great to see 1st year students sending their articles. Now there wasn’t much hardcore stuff but by then although I myself had started posting core Linux stuff but I wanted people to get aware about it. I still remember one of my article about installing linux on single floppy (of course CLI :MD) and other one about overclocking the PC. It was big time for me about writing and at least 5–7 articles were there in every issue of this quarterly mag :M).

The final issue from our batch was a special one which left memorable prints in minds of people in our deptt. It was October 2003 issue after which our batch left for training and then professional endeavours. Although I don’t have all the articles but I would like to put the ones I have right now with me – in the memories of those Golden Days called graduation.


First and foremost the article of Akhil Bhan from Dil Se (hey Akhil, here I have edited your articles for mistakes for first time as it couldn’t be done in B@B because of your request ;M)) –

Rightly said…


As each day of life passes by, it gives a gift, a gift which is priceless and this gift is memories. It is really most difficult task today to sum up my four years here in this small article. As the day let me not call it a day but ‘momentous day’ comes close when we B.Tech – IV students leave this memory house, I get nostalgic and shoot back to the time when we as a fresher, with scared faces entered this department unknown about the future but curious to find the new world. How can I forget that shying away from seniors so that they may not rag us, now can I forget that how I had to give 45 times introduction or “INTRO” to seniors and how angry I was over it. At this point I want to thank my seniors who introduced this new dream world of mine to me, for developing my confidence, my true me. And I do not know when and how while all this introduction was going on I entered a new phase of life, a phase of life where I learned the true meaning of the word friendship, the phase of life which has turned out to be the most important phase and closest to my heart, world where all I’s turned into We’s, world with friends turned our “Gol Market”, or what we call our “GM” even better than Connaught Place of Delhi. As I’m writing this article many emotional flashes strike my mind remembering those long endless nights and in those nights those endless discussions to solve each other’s problems, that being curious what must be happening in the girls’ hostel. That laughter together, those joys together, that sharing each others sorrows together, that small walks to the GH those small crushes, that being eager to see the new faces whenever the new batches arrived, those small fights, all small things but they have left a really big and imperishable impact on our mind.

                         “I’ll never be there to wipe your tears, my friend,

                 because I’ll never allow those tears to be there in your eyes”


In fact we all have been really lucky that we have had a class that’s really been united in the real sense, united over all small and big issues, small and big problems, small and big mischieves and I must add here united for all those small and big helps in exams as well.

A thank is really a small thing for all this. I pray to God that we all remain friends forever because friends as someone close to me once said that “aadat waqt pe na badli jaye toh woh jaroorat ban jati hai aur dosto hum sab ek doosre ki jaroorat ban gaye hain”


                         “Living without you all is not possible at all”


All these memories have made my heart filled up and now my eyes are filling up as well.  These four years I do not know when they flew past enjoying each second of it, these four years have made us more responsible, more sensible, knowledgeable and dear friends all this that we have learnt is going to be put to test by this really hard world and I do firmly believe that we all will really do great. We are now entering a new phase of life and best of luck to all of you. Shine like those stars in the sky but do not forget that night sky looks beautiful with all the stars together

I cannot help but I want to share some things with my juniors and those who are going to spend their most cherish able days in DCSE. Friends, we tried our best to do our best for the department; we succeeded in some but failed in the other, my request to you, where we failed, you take up the pledge to succeed there. We owned this department, loved it, started many activities, I request you to try to carry them on. May God bless you. Let you be driven by the sprit of enthusiasm and love for your DCSE.

            I have studied from many teachers from my childhood to the college life but the teachers here were really helpful, cooperative and above all friendly. I would really from inner core of my heart like to thank teachers on behalf of my class. I will like to share one, incident here …when we were in first semester (the naughty brains) we did not study one topic of one subject it, was really boring so we played a mischief we broke an egg on the duster so that the teacher would leave our class  (that teacher was a vegetarian), that teacher left the class on that day and to our surprise next morning he again, came in the class, smiling and ready to teach again ….


That is the character of a teacher – FORGET AND FORGIVE.


AT THIS point of time I would have no shame to say sorry to my teachers for the small mischief’s we have done for last 4 years …………..but hey teachers these mischief’s are really  a part of growing up… I hope that u forgive us but not forget us

“with all these memories .

I walk for the new pastures, new dreams, new aspirations

But with an old promise that you will be always in my heart….. ”


Where in life will I again have so fun, where in life will again be those unending talks and teasing each other… when again in life will I face situation where we have stood like a rock and faced all problems together…where in life will I get so much of love … where in life will I ever get this feeling that yes somebody is always there for me… birds chirp under the degree tree, we chatted under the degree tree. Let me not think of all this as this, dear friend is really flooding my eyes…..dear readers my words cannot really frame all these feeling well can understand  it all only once you go through it..

My request to all my batch mates – do not forget this sweet DCSE of ours and neither the time (most beautiful), which we all have spent together…



The went a very sweet poem of Kirtsheel



Like waves we came,

Like waves we’ll go,

Imprinting our footprints upon this shore,

Leaving those colorful memories behind,

Like shells in blue, purple & white!

Those moments we cherished,

Those moments we merried,

…..Cannot be forgotten.

Those times of fun,

In cold, in sun,

…..Cannot be forgotten.

We all used to gather Under The People’s Tree (UTPT),

No classes !No labs!, we were always free !

“GM ho ya Coffee House,Verka Booth ya Pakwaan,

Koi na chhodi hamne jagah,chhod chaley har taraf nishaan !”

GTBH was ek maatre sthaan,

Where all used to throng up for the naach & gaan.

United We Stood ! United We Stand !

That’s why they call us “THE TECHIES GRAND !”

There was a poem from Nitesh Gautam also 🙂 –

New Life

I’ve been sitting around this life for years,
Not enough laughs and too many tears.
Trying to figure out where it all went,
These wasted years that I have spent.

Searching for something to go beyond,
Life’s a stone skipping across a pond.
At the last skip, it hits with a splash,
Down the stone sinks, gone in a flash.

Pushing and pulling, it’s tearing apart,
Poking and prodding an underused heart.
This dark velvet curtain that hides my soul,
Living this life has taken it’s toll.

In a flash of bright light, the curtain is torn,
Tumbling down all tattered and worn.
Revealing new life, a child within,
Born free of hate, of suffering and sin.

Now my eyes see what has never been told,
Striving forth happy, confident and bold.
Into a world that’s unfamiliar but friendly,
Into this new life my spirit will send me.

Living and laughing, loving it all,
I stood myself up and answered the call.
The darkness has gone, replaced by the light,
I gave up the darkness with hardly a fight.

I’ve been sitting around this life for years,
With laughter aplenty and hardly a tear.
Now I can see just where it all went,
Cherish every moment of this new life I’ve spent.



Ahhh…those were the days…the bits and the bytes…

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