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SynapseLife is launched in beta yesterday and I got the invitation as I had requested for one sometime in past. It is co-founded by two engineers as the mail went and are told to be in their 20s. Website is Ajax based. It is divided in three sections – Web, Life and Business.

The components included inside Web section are Feeds where you can subscribe to the web feeds. If you have existing feeds in an OMPL file, it can also be imported (you need to go to Settings -> Import Data -> Import RSS Feeds). Although the feeds can be imported but there is no feature to export the feeds (deadlock :?). Then there are Favourites component to add favourite links and Tags section for tagging different favourites. Life section includes People (creating a network), Calendar (creating and sharing events), Broadcast (inform people), Lists and Ledger too. Business applications will be launched in Q1 2007 for entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses – as the message goes on website. The interface is pretty smooth and clean.


It can also be accessed from Phone/PDA using browser. Once you get registered, your own homepage is created as was created for me – According to website, users have full control over their calendar events, lists, ledgers, favourites, feeds as well as contacts and they can share them with others maintaining the private/public control over them.


The search feature on the website is inherited from Google and it searches the web after typing the term as it appeared when I searched for netgautam but here you access search results in serialized way as there are only two links at bottom – Previous and Next :M).


A promising website which can give tough competition to existing Web Office apps! API is also going to be released for external developers in very near future to extend the SynapseLife – I am waiting to have a look…

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