My 2 years in IT industry

27th September – Today is the day when I joined my first ever job and started my ever-going journey in IT industry, 2 years ago. It was in one of the leading companies of India at their headquarter. The 2 day journey from Jalandhar to to Bangalore is a long story which has lot of ups and downs and if I started writing about that, it wouldn’t be less than a script of a movie which starts and ends in a train. I was there to join Infy on this day alongwith 82 other comp grads. I could easily see so many bright drams in the eyes of every single person who was dreaming of becoming next entrepreneur in this industry.

It was nice induction period for first few weeks during which we came to know about each other. I will always advocate such programme for freshers in any corporate. In these programs only, I met with few people who became my great hubbies for rest of my life. There were some memorable moments when there was a discussion on – Should the cabinet of country be organized in corporate way or the way it is going on? I could hear everyone in support of corporate way but there was a person who opposed it and he opposed with very strong points which made others to think again. Let me recall people from our batch whom I remember…Niranjana, Abhishek, Lenoy, Karthik, Nitin (next to me), Seema, Rishabh, Rajinder, Tejinder, Manuj, Prashant, Prashantha, Geetha, Sabeeha, Tanika, Mithun, Sunil…ok, well the list will continue and I am still missing key names (apologies for discontinuing as list will keep growing). There are other people whom I met in start of my career and whom I still remember…Pavan, Cheeku, Vivek, Lohith, Shashi, Ramesh, Shakeer, Gaurav Wadhwa, Nitin (one with Angei’s sexy wallpaper), Vidya, Anand, Phaneesh & Swapnil Bhatnagar, Amit Agarwal, Abhishek Manocha (again names are making it bigger)…And the journey continued for next 24 months with lot of names adding up. I got into a great project – BIMS, which was having sooo much to learn for me in rest of the period and I learnt the core tech of my career. Went through many ups and downs, acquired knowledge of industrial as well as project processes. Had lot of fun and enjoyed the time in my first ever corp. I was lucky to have great MLs as well as a very nice PM – they always guided me in right direction. Now when I look back at the mentioned names, more than 2/3rd of them including me have left Infy…All the reasons are different.

In these 2 years, I have seen the life from different angles and have conned the experiences. They keep helping me now and then to sustain in this industry. I have come to know, how does it feel to earn and invest. What to look for and what to overlook. What are the values and what are craps on the name of values. What kind of entities exist around you and how to make what kind of connections with those entities. What does corps state and what does they mean. Then I have list of Golden rules for career success which enlighten my path every time I need any help to sustain in this industry.

I have become experienced and I am still gaining it.

A batch in background with our batch people in fore-ground!


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