A Day wasted or A Day utilized

Sometimes it is frustrating to remain stuck in a problem which you thought is as simple as can be overcome in couple of minutes but you spend almost whole day in figuring out that problem. A problem which makes you recall your old stupid days once again, the one which might make you feel as if you have wasted your day in resolving it. In the end, when you find out the solution which was actually that simple, you might think that it is right to to call it as a day wasted.


In my case, I preferred to call it a day well utilized to learn something basic which we generally prefer to forget or put in backside of memory. This was the day when I wasn’t able to find solution to a problem which might have not taken more than 10 minutes to a software kid if he had been knowing what exactly has to be done. For me, it went on and on for more than 8 hours as parallel activity with my work to find out the dead simple solution.


The problem in my case was that a specific file type wasn’t opening in the way it should have opened in my favorite IDE (Eclipse). It was being opened in different color syntax and I wasn’t able to get code assist/content assist in the way I was expecting for JSP files. I copied/recopied/re-re-copied and so on… the fresh installation of IDE, tried to compare it with the one I was working on, exchanged the core files and experiments in as many different ways as I could but still the problem remained the same. Yeah, of course, (I know you are brilliant enough to have already thought that out) – googled again and again and again in all these hours. Also tried to migrate my existing setup to fresh setup but of no use. Finally (or perhaps not) I had started thinking of giving up on all my tries. Just then this simple piece of code over web brought sparkle in my eyes –


You have missed out one thing that we have to make the ABC viewer as the default viewer for *.xyz files under Windows->Preferences->general->Editors->File Associations.


Thanks to the brilliant lady who provided the unwanted and perhaps not so important solution to that problem – not to forget it was what exactly I wanted and hence wasn’t useless in my case at all. Once again many thanks to this intelligent gal for this simple looking but generally overlooked solution. In this specific case, I had to go to File Associations inside Eclipse and change the association of my file to different/default editor. Stupid me!

In general for any file, if we aren’t able to view a file in the way we want it to appear, all we have to do is to change the editor in which it opens.


Yay yay yay, I am feeling amused while you are smirking.


Still I will call it a day well spent learning the basics than have wasted it.



Another such stupid mistake is to open Javascript extensive websites in Internet Explorer (6/7/8) with default settings. By default, IE has Javascript disabled (don’t know what made intelligent developers and GUI specialists at Microsoft decide that!!). So in order to view those websites properly, you better first enable the Javascript in Internet Explorer or you will remain fooled like me finding the exact problem with website content.

In my case, to enable Javascript in IE7/IE8, I followed following steps:

Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Scripting > Enable > OK > Yes > OK

You can find different steps to be followed for enabling Javascript in different browsers at this location.


PS: It was told once long back in past – it all depends on perception.