My take on top (tech + blunder) movies

I like to watch movies and at the same time, I love tech. And if there comes a blend between these two, what else can be better than that. So do I feel when I come to know about any tech based movie or I find that there a a considerable tech factor inside the movie which I am watching. But then, it hurts the most when you find stupid mistakes in the movie that you had started liking, just few minutes ago. Like a never-seen-before OS appears on screen, download happens without any download info, files are opened without clicking them, a hi-fi system and arrangement appears in front of you which can never be imagined, some mix of bio and sillicon which evolves as a big surprise, a super-tech hacker and then a very slow time-bound loading of image which loads completely just when some accident happens.

I am talking about tech + movie combos. I recently watched Farhan’s Don – The Chase Begins Again trailor and there seems to be good use of tech inside it. In the end of song Main Hoon Don, Shahrukh is shown exhausting lot of smoke out from his mouth and during song Khaike Pan Banaras Wala, smoke is ejected out of his mouth all of sudden when he sings the line – “Munh hi jal gaya hai“. Ok, it looks fine but at the same time, I got reminded of the movies which have created a very disreputable image of movies with technology as integrated part of them. So here goes a list of those tech-err flicks which includes both hollywood as well as bollywood movies (without any explanations) –

  1. December 16
  2. Awara Pagal Deewana
  3. The Hero
  4. Main Hoon Na
  5. Dhoom
  6. Hackers
  7. Golden Eye
  8. Mission Impossible
  9. Resident Evil
  10. Men In Black
  11. The Net
  12. You’ve got Mail

The problem with these movies was that either tech was presented in very hi-fi manner which a techie can’t imagine happening in duration of his life or the technology was used to make people fool (like showing presentations made in Flash to the people in order to make them feel like actual processing over computers)

But still there have been few beautiful movies which are believable and make you feel that tech can change this world completely in a better place to live. Such movies include –

  1. Matrix
  2. Swordfish
  3. Minority Report

…and the list ends for me!

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