55 hour programmer and 40 hour programmer

Let us post something in new category named Definition.

Right now, there are 2 definition appearing in my mind as goes down –

55 hour programmer – A programmer (rather a refining developer/programmer) who remains engaged in continuous programming in zeal to learn and implement more and more things for a particular domain which could be a feature or can be a typical piece of code (*refer to it as program/package/software). This appears in the case of those beginners which want to learn as much as they can without getting out of hot seat. I was one of this kind during graduation 🙂

40 hour programmer – These are the matured programmers who know what they have to do and how it has to be done but still they want to make their part of code (refer to *). And in that fervor for a special code or a smooth transition of code, they create masterpieces at times although those pieces remain out of reach of real world most of the times.

FYI, this post is on the lines of a post about “The Mythical 40-Hour Gamer“.

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