Indian Agony

A situation which can appear to be hard to believe.


I received a mail from Anish in morning with the subject an appeal for help. It was about his colleague from previous firm – Aricent (formerly known as Flextronics and Hughes). The text of email went as follows –


Hi all

A dear friend of mine, Shantanu Goel(from Chandigarh) has met with a very unfortunate personal tragedy.
your help could not be more welcome for him and his family at this time of crisis.

please don't hesitate to forward this to anyone you think can help.

Blog link:

you can mail him (shantanu goel) at shantanu.goel [at]

He is working in Aricent, Gurgaon.


And then went the Blog post CAP (Copy And Paste).


I visited the blog myself and happened to read the post titled with the same subject line – A DESPERATE CALL FOR HELP.



The post describes a story which has happened to guy named Shantanu and his family. Shantanu is a Software Engineer presently working at Aricent, Gurgaon. He belongs to Chandigarh and his family resides there. He writes that his brother, who is working at Bangalore, was married to a girl in November 2005 (no mention of love or arrange…so don’t think about that perspective). Soon after the marriage of his brother, their family started receiving different un-expected demands (which ranged from money to control over his brother) from the in-laws of his brother. After fulfilling them for sometime, when they started refusing the unacceptable demands like signatures of his brother on blank papers and demand for lakhs of rupees, the family was threatened for life, from the in-laws. And very soon, they were attacked by in-laws family at their home. There is very pitiful description of the situation when the family members of victim were physically assaulted at their own home. How can the role of police (Indian Police to be specific) be ignored in such cases. Police arrived after sometime of the attack but it kept standing outside and watching the drama. It was only after members of community tried to interfere in the matter that police intercepted into the situation. And at police station, instead of taking any action against louts and filing any FIR, the victims were accused for causing this traumatic situation. There was no consideration of hundreds of witnesses.


It happens only in IN where police, instead of taking it as their duty to protect people, takes it as their right to harass, threaten and loot their own people (who pay salary to police through their own pockets in form of taxes) – truly said that in IN, Police Raj is equivalent to Gunda Raj. It is only because of few honest police officers that Indian Police still has managed to maintain its image at some level.


Shantanu writes that FIR was not filed until they visited SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) and DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) – now the question is how a common man can manage to file an FIR in our country.


I request fellow bloggers to spread the word and also put their own version of this story on their own blogs because we as blogger happen to be a powerful source of information to media sources.