Weather is HOT

These days, it is peak of summer at GGN and Delhi. Sun is on its full youth and making our bodies cry without any reason. Although whole day, it is in AC but once you are at home, even air cooler isn’t effective against such hot weather.

And above that, electricity deptt make it hotter by making electricity cuts now and them for 2-3 hours with 15 minutes of intervals by providing electricity supply.

Last night, although Italy won but it was the most boring match that I watched in whole WC. No goal till 90 minutes of play, that too in quarter final, when you are witnessing match b/w world’s two strong teams which have made it to Quarter finals/last 8 and you are expecting an exciting play. At least they cud have made it by not any other means but making more fouls/getting colored cards:mrgreen:. I hope today’s match b/w France & Portugal will be interesting.

Working on something sounding like data entry/feeding!

Listening to latest songs of Golmaal, Rocky, Omkara, Corporate and Anthony Kaun Hai – not much appealing except 2-3 like Ishq Kiya, Junoo etc.
Updated my profile on orkut – for options From my past relationships i learnedFresher…looking for an right match! and for option Ideal match?????????…I think both are correlated.

Bata e ajnabi tera kya naam rakhun,
Khawab rakhun to adhura reh jayega, Dil kahun to toot jayega
Aa tera naam zindagi rakh doon, Maut tak to tera saath rahega

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