And smthing about speed-brakers

I wud definitely like to hear about – Why speedbreakers are made? Why?

I am having the worst ex about the speed-breakers here at GGN. Yesterday, I noticed that two more speed breakers were up on the way from office to home…that too on the main road. Do you know, it is only 4.2 kms of distance b/w my home and office and when I calculated the number of steep speed-humps that I cross on my road to home, they count to 12. That means, approximately 3 jolts per km. And it GGN, the IT hub of country.

As far as my view matters, I cud figure out following reasons behind building speed breakers, after serious discussion with the geniuses around me –
Security – In order to avoid accidents so that ppl cant run vehicles very fast. Here when road are made so wide, there is very less or negligible traffic, I don’t think that this cud be the reason. In that case, max number of breakers sud had been at BLR but there I hardly noticed even a single breaker in radius of about 8 kms around our home. So are BLRians neglect these facts or GGNites are more than conservatives?
Safety – At the work places, hospitals, educational instis etc. But I dint noticed any school on the way. Yes there is one engg college and two bumpers are there. 2 new are made in front of park. What about rest 8?
For Scrutinizing Romeos – And there is very less probability but one cant neglect it. Ppl have build speed-breakers on both sides of their homes and I cud figure out that this cud be the safety measure by parents of those so called babes so that Romeos cant escape easily while making rounds around the area.
But still I think that 3 bumps per km is too muchhhhh.

I am leaving for semi-final b/w Germany & Italy although it was disappointing to see 2 of my fav teams – England & Brazil, getting out in Quarter-Finals. Waiting to see remaining 3 exciting knock-outs ;).

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