These holy maids

These days we are realizing how much we got dependent on maids for our day – to – day works…courtesy our maid.

I came here in Jan and since then she is working in our house. She maintains kitchen, cleans home and clothes. So all these comes under her duties. The NEWS is that she is on long leave for unknown number of days and so, we are starving at home. We have unwashed clothes, uncleaned home and of course, on food front, we are missing her to the MAX. So this is the life of bachelor guys.

Anyway, we have decided not to accept defeat. We are saving clothes by wearing them for as long as we can…provided they don’t start stinking:mrgreen:. Close home when outside so that home doesn’t get much dirty. And in kitchen, finally, we are learning cooking and it is gonna cause a threat to her job if she doesn’t come for another week. Slowly but steadily, we are learning how to live without maid as she has given such chances in past also but that time we used to have assurance that she will come someday! This time, we are determined not to wait anymore :x.

Paving the way for self-dependence…the story continues. Ya, will definitely write about her surprise return…next part – The Maid returns. Ha. Posting under one more category – Brutality:oops: All The Best to us.

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