Games in my life

As there are tournaments being played in different continents for different games these days like

  • India Vs WI in WI where India won any series against WI after 35 years
  • FIFA WC in Germany where today 1st semifinal will be played b/w Germany and Italy
  • Wimbledon in England

, so was feeling like recalling sports experience in my life.

When I was a child, as far as I remember, I started playing Carom – board as my first ever game, after toys of course ;). My dad is an expert at that and he plays very well. Even today, I like him playing it. Sometimes, he used to put everything in one strike and we used to enjoy those autumns.

Another game he is expert at, is Chess. I learnt it very well from him and later, taught others also. Proudly represented my univ team at inter-univ chess competition. Chess board is other thing which is always with me, after computer.

I had learnt these two games by the age of 7. Cricket was the next game to enter into my life. Was kinda all-rounder at one time. Captained team in a tournament. Our school team won one tournament also. I love playing this out door game. It was my craze about fielding, batting, bowling, those shiny Indian cricket team players like Tendulkar, Kumble & Jadeja, that I have been playing it all the years since I started playing, it can be in a cricket ground, at tuition, college, university, department or night cricket at velodrome. Still missing those old night games in velodrome.

From velodrome, I got reminded of other outdoor game which I love to play – Football/Soccer (if we call it in words of Rathore :)). I had played it very less before coming to DCSE…hardly 5-6 matches in entire 17 years but after entering into univ and under the guidelines/pushes of Rathore, I was the one of those 15 hostel sufferers of Rathore’s soccer love who had to join him whenever he wanted to play. He was damn good player of it – be it online or offline. Online – Fifa 98 multi-player game over my PC. After some time, I also started enjoying it. It was fun playing in midnight with gang of guys in velodrome or univ ground, with half-time break of those drinks left from TechDisha. So here is the reason, why gals don’t like boys’ night-outs – TOI Q for last week’s Explore.

I have been playing Video Games from my childhood. Have been addicted to them for long time. And after getting into grad, got hooked to PC Games which took place of Video games. Have played top of the line games of those times – Half Life, Quake III, Max Payne etc.

One more game that got added into my portfolio after joining univ is Table Tennis aka TT. I started playing this game from very first day at univ and till date I have been playing it. I enjoy this game like anything – you just need to have a partner and all is set. Fortunately, at BLR, I got lot of guys in PG who played this game in the basement. And in GGN, luckily, all my roomies are TT players…specially Chunky & Puneet are champs.

In addition, I am occasional player of Badminton and Ludo 🙂

So that is my sport life!

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