Once upon a time…

…I used to blog as I am never going to stop but it happened. Although not stopped, paused. A pause for 2 months because in those two months I saw thickest and thinnest of my career…in other words, the peak and the trough of mah career wave.


For those who can make it out, digest as well as understand…just a nod will work ( 🙂 ), I saw my firm closing down, got unavoidable employment opportunity to become a US employee, visa stamped and then… I refused.

Remained on hunt for a suitable job (in other words jobless) for couple of weeks after resign, and then landed with best opportunity anyone could have after coming out of CashEdge.

CashEdge has closed it operations at Gurgaon. I managed to get couple of good offers and finally zeroed down at Chandigarh, also known as City Beautiful and presently residing at Mohali (neighboring city).

All these things happened in span of 4 months after my return from US in March. Managed to keep up with blogging for almost two months somehow but then, everything broke down with me for next two months.


So this is the summary of those two quiet months of my professional life as I am too … to describe it completely but pretty sure that it can explain my 60 day silence which looks quite small in front of turns I went through.



And there was this friend who was going through similar phases of life almost at the time and now resuming with life as I am. All the best to you too dear.