One Black Year: 2008

2008 will always be remembered as a Black Year in history of Empire residents i.e. Pankaj, Puneet, Vineet and myself.


First and foremost a year which will always be afresh in our memories because of bitter incidents – Delhi Bomb Blasts and Mumbai Terrorist Attack.


A year which brought our lives as employees upside down, shattered and showed the painful part of professional world. A year in which our faith in profession was destroyed. We changed jobs one after other and now we have quite sparkling job history behind us to showcase and also glittering, bright, crispy stories of our transitions.

Right now, we are in process of reconstruction.


A year in which we witnessed 57% steep rise in our cost of living – highest ever since we have started living on our own. Ah, it is truly a recession in that way. And biggest contribution in that cost-rise was from our land-lady. You might see quite frequent mentions of her on this blog from now on and will be referred to as Monger.


An Unpleasant Personality got introduced in my life which is pillage grande and has contributed considerably to lessen my interest in what I love to do. Will be referred to as UP.


Have travelled on road more than any other year in my life. This was a change which has helped me to rebuild my strength in other way!!


Missed friends more than ever. Raji is no more with us here at Gurgaon and when I was at Chandigarh, Empire mates were the ones remembered a lot.


There are more electricity/power cuts at Gurgaon/Haryana than any other year – Haryana is blackening out…


These were the enough happenings of 2008 to make us call and remember it as One Black Year!