Study, Strikes and ITM College

There is a strike going on in this nearby college for almost a week. I pass by ITM College everyday in commuting over my bike to my work-place and last Wednesday I noticed that the students were standing outside and main gate of college was closed. On Thursday, the road was blocked by students and it was quite clear that the strike was full on. Same day in evening I found 50% of the hits on my website from the searches for this college strike.


Personally I believe that it is right to stand for a good cause or against wrong incidents, with like-minded people when you grow up enough to be in college. It is the phase when you learn and acquire leadership qualities and also get to know the world better. I got reminded of my univ days, more than few years back when law students were famous for strikes but most of the times, their reasons for strike made sense though more than three strikes in a year by same department’s students is really something to think about. We being Comp. Sc. graduates in making, were supportive enough to be part of those strikes and individually I learned some really hard lessons of life in those days. These strikes make you tough, fearless and brings leader inside you in front of you but of course, they shouldn’t go for really long period. In fact, longest strike that I ever witnessed during my study period of four years was of six days.


Coming back to the college strike, yesterday in morning there were students standing outside the closed entrance but at safe distance from road and in evening I came to know the reason behind this strike when I read those banners pasted on main gate of college while passing in front of it. Those cloth-banners read about the paid seats being offered by management of this college to undeserving students. Also those seats are too costly to be afforded by a really needy student. Definitely it is more about making money from education on management side of ITM college. Here is what my cell was able to grab of main entrance in dark night –


ITM College Strike

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