Symbian, E71 and Nokia

These are the three tags with no specific order but tightly integrated with each other. Nokia with E71 means true business phone for organizing your life both personally as well as professionally and nokia with symbian means losing control over your phone. Following lines appear so true when you buy latest Nokia E71 set and find yourself not to be able to install productively most useful unsigned applications –


Phones that run Symbian are like Fort Knox: they won’t let you see all the interesting stuff in the system folders, and you can’t install Symbian programs unless they’ve passed the censors at Symbian Signed. Even the capabilities of signed programs are limited to what the powers that be at Symbian HQ allow them to do. And Open Signed Online takes forever, if it works at all.


Symbian won’t even let you change program icons or let you switch off that annoying noise that your camera makes every time you shoot a picture.


Even worse, you can’t even access the files and folders that contain your messages and your calendar entries on your phone, which means that the horrible piece of bloatware called PC Suite is the only way to back up your messages and calendar.


The draconian restrictions of Symbian are like not having the keys of your own house.

But then you feel equally relieved when same page reads as follows –


But Symbian has been hacked : ) With a few modifications you can give yourself full access to your phone’s system folders, install programs without having to beg Symbian Signed for the keys to your phone, change icons and menus, switch off the camera shutter sound, and make backup copies whenever and whereever you want without having to connect your phone to a computer that runs PC Suite. Now Mac and Linux users can finally back up their data!

Being recent E71 owner and 6630 user before that, I know how essential additional applications are for a symbian phone. So there has to be a way to install those unsigned applications. I cracked my head over 3-4 days, tried few outdated cracking softwares and formatted my memory card for couple of times. Finally, I have a solution to point to for rest of the world at this present stage but before that, you need to check if your nokia symbian phone can be hijacked or not from symbian underground. If it can be, you are supposed to be having lil bit technical knowledge which I presume as you have managed to read so far.


HelloOX 1.03 is the name you need to remember. For complete set of instructions with alternative flows towards free phone life, visit ipmart.


And there is the open world waiting for you to install more .sis files appropriate for your phone.

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  1. The Nokia E71 must be the best business phone seller ever. So far as I am concered the phones with QWERTY keypad are like smiling man who has many many teeth. The Nokia E71 looks better-it has many, but small teeth. But for people with small fingers it would be hard to type. Anyway this is a greatest business phone ever, a strong alternative of Blackberry Bold. P.S. I wish it had a bigger screen.

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