Thank You

I am on the verge of completing one month at present org and wanted to thank couple of people who helped me to get acquainted here with work, environment and the city – the guys for whom I was unknown entity a month back and today, we are good mates. The list includes mostly my office mates.

  • Ajay Dhanwal – first guy to share and clarify everything I was curious about
  • Neeraj – first person from my project meeting me on the eve of joining
  • Lasar – the one who knew everything about project and I was lucky to be seated adjacent to him troubling him a lot for very first week
  • Darshan & Rohit – only HR guys who gave me chance to mix up and feel homely at org – only ones who know every detail about me…you know what I am talking about
  • Amit Kumar – one who had interviewed me and later mixed up like a close friend
  • Rajinder – you all know him if you have been regular visitor of this blog – my colleague from previous company
  • Ashish Mehta – my really nice manager
  • Nitin Sharma – should I call him my first mentor here or a gentle personality as both apply to him equally
  • Kulvir Singh – Senior guy as he was referred to and later was made joke of same 😉
  • Nikhilesh – my cousin who helped me in settling down with busy city
  • Manoj – an architect, far away, as excited about project as I am (or should I say he made me to be so activated) and the one who has thinking view of a developer while being an architect
  • Jatinder Bawa – he definitely knows something about me, is all I would say. Thank you Jatinder for being so cool every time we interacted.
  • DJ
  • Jatinder Mishra
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Mohit
  • Ajit
  • Sandeep Mahajan
  • Yogesh

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