Feeling very nostalgic about the best days of my professional life spent at Gurgaon specially with the best mates ever. I have been recalling countless Gurgaon memories in these days away from home. How can I forget

  • the night walks discussing almost everything happening in globe around and getting valuable inputs from the people full of wisdom
  • cheering with small gang of guys at office
  • shopping like a spendthrift while Chunks keep asking not to do more of that
  • watching movies religiously on every weekend with dedicated group of buddies
  • those struggles to make our home the best and by the time I was out of it, it had become one – The Empire
  • Vegetable purchasing by…ahem…ahem…the guys (which generally exceeded thousands!!!)
  • the livid movie shows at best ever home multimedia room with intermission breaks including popcorns & drinks…and sometimes lot more than that
  • disclosing couple of secrets everyday


And there was theory about those 2 (10 in binary) type of extreme guys (and we were exception) – there are ones who are just best at programming…but then they don’t enjoy like the way we do as listed above. The second type of guys enjoy all the time with whole paternal money at stake and there is only one line for them –

…but Pappu can’t code sala ;M) 


How can I forget the peak time of my professional career where I had chance to be someone distinctive and I kicked it. You can call it my foolishness provided you don’t know the background and can’t digest such decisions!


PS / Ending Note: I started my life at Gurgaon with a movie (Zinda – 16/01/2006) and finished it with another movie (Sarkar Raj – 07/06/2008) enjoying company of Chunky both of the times.


All I can utter for our group of punters (Chunky, Puneet, Anuj and Vineet) is few lines from Tashan

Taali bajavein naachein gavein
Rab hove shareek jinke jashan mein
Apni to baat magar kuchh nirali hai
Apne to khoon mein ishq ki laali hai
Apna jeena to jeena… Tashan mein

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