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It wasn’t too old when I had removed all the tools for recording visitor counts and details. I had decided to get reflection of PR of Net 2.0 only through its Feed Readers. And there was also the time when I enjoyed having just 16 lovely feed-readers.


netgautam.com feed readers


Every blog owner likes to visit and re-visit the blog statistics and I am no exception. Today when I landed over feed-reader count of my blog, it was stable at 100 just like yesterday and day before. And I thought there wouldn’t be better time than now to reflect this on my website and also to thank all those valuable hundred readers for taking out their precious time to read my invaluable posts :).



In case you are thinking about two same images posted above, one is static count where as the immediate image above this line is live counter provided by Feedburner and keeps changing according to feed-readers. You can subscribe anytime to the feeds of this blog :M).


I wanted to thank each and everyone, I repeat Every Single One of you for keeping me motivated to write great stuff and helping me retaining my habit of logging good things. Of course, I have been getting really useful and inspiring comments on my blog posts as well as beloved emails sent by all you dearest friends out there. Also I keeps trying me best to keep replying you. I also know that most of you like reading my blog but there would definitely be some better guys (who are known as critics) who rarely speak but they also do comment.


Well, here I would like to invite every reader to party being thrown by me – I would like to hear from you guys to let me know about what you think of this blog (Hey of course, I would love to throw party at my home for you, if you are interested). I would like to hear if this place is running pretty fine, or is it rocking or outstanding (?) or if it needs to improve or does it need to be reformed completely (of course there should be small chunk suggesting that :MD) ??? One nod will be more than sufficient for anything you think if you don’t want to suggest over anything, otherwise, I would luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv to hear any kind of suggestions/compliments. I really like to hear whatever people say about me – that always keep stirring me to be better.


Me With Lappi
(yup, it is 17″)


Don’t forget to see that shiny (bright and glowing too) Feed-Reader count on just right hand sidebar. Finally I have enough numbers to display!

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  1. Congrats Nitesh. I have been a regular reader of your blog ever since I discovered your blog. You have a great collection of posts on news and technology. Thanks for sharing all the nice information.

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