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The latest from GooglePublic sharing of events through Google Calendars. What can be better idea of sharing public info especially Television schedules than that. Of course, most of us have become habitual of using One Platform, All Applications (sounds pretty much like One Interface, Multiple Methods and that’s why I love it), which is being provided by almost every web-giant these days, be it Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft. I am the one for Google (although I keep switching to Yahoo! and Microsoft asynchronously) and so I have always been interested in leveraging most out of Google.


Google Public Calendars


Public Calendars provides ability to share events publicly through calendars – another first from Google. There are different categories in Public Calendars –

  • TV shows
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Miscellaneous
  • Holidays
  • By Google


Personally, I am the one interested in TV shows these days because there isn’t much cricket happening, entertainment means media & weekend matches to me in this hot summer (and I am bound to travel 40+ kms over my bike under sun on this Saturday – I love Summers, eh) and I am no more a school chap to have privilege of enjoying long holidays to the most – in my view, there can be nothing better than those old summer holidays!



Update (June 07, 2007): If you are still confused as of what are the ones you should include to your Google Calendar, Mashable has released a list of The 10 ?Must Have? Google Calendars for Geeks. Do you know that when you search for Calendar over Google, Google Calendar is second among results?

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