Cheeni Kum

Cheeni Kum is a movie starring most unexpected cast – Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Paresh Rawal and Zohra Sehgal. The story is absolutely un-expected and the direction is completely balanced. It is a nice movie which is about a 60+ old guy and a 30+ girl falling in love with each other with lot of turns and churns.



Amitabh owns and is chef of the best Indian restaurant in London who himself is pure veggie. He is living with his mother and has a little cute as well as curious friend (named sexy). Then comes Tabbu who is there in London on a visit. The story starts between the two with exchange of dishes and umbrella which proceeds in very beautiful way. The way they meet families of each-other is spectacular and then lot of emotions and laughs give many bends in to the tale. Tabu appears to be very much wiser than an average Indian girl (after all, she is in mid-30s).


The dialogues are nicely crafted. How can one expect a dialogue like –


Jab koi purush apni chhatri lene se inkaar kar de to samajh lo ki uss ke bheegne ka samay aa gaya hai


(When a guy refuses from taking back his umbrella, understand that it is his time to get wet)

or like the one –


Impress karne ke liye 25 lakh ka haar bhi de sakta tha lekin bina price tag ke aapko lagega 25 rupaye ka hai aur price tag ke saath de nahi sakta


(I could had presented necklace worth Rs. 2.5 million to impress you which will appear of Rs. 25 to you without its price tag and on the other way, I can’t gift it to you along-with price tag)


It is a wonderful movie full of laughs and emotions but a literal time-pass if you don’t believe in marriage of 2 people extremely separated by period. A movie which makes you believe that all it needs is understanding between two people to form a life-time bond and it can take lot of hilarious roundabouts giving you reasons to smile specially when you are looking out for them after losing a cricket match and hectic rides at Fun N Food village over weekend. Chunks did a great help and in that way, we also reviewed Omex Plaza as well as SRS PVR – the only PVR left to catch in Gurgaon which is located far outside the city at Sohna Road after crossing Rajiv Chowk…ummmm it was really to far but an attempt to prove that frolic, food and friends is all that life should be filled of :). Hey Anish, we are missing you here, buddy. The mall is quite silent but the PVR is nice and halls are pretty kool with fundoo doulby effects and quite comfy seats but it takes to inhale lot of dust during Gurgaon Summers in order to reach at such clean and cozy place. Ahhhhh. No Comments anymore.

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