Q: What do you do when you are completely running out of money and you need it the most plus you know that it is last week of month?


Ans: Wait, work like hell and patiently look forward towards getting salary.


I had never thought that I will ever be posting such stuff over here but when situations are matching, it is better to talk about them. I had come across similar note in year 2001 – my first year in graduation and I discovered a notepad lying over age-old Windows desktop machine which went like –


Handa – Rs. 2xx

Pankaj – Rs. 7xx

Bhatia – Rs. 5xx

Amandeep – Rs. 8xx


Money coming – Rs. 2xxx.

Remaining – (- 50)


Of course, one of gang of our final year guys, as appeared from names.


This is the time when to be the most optimistic when you need it the most.



Boys will be Boys…Sometimes it appears to be soooooooo true!!

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