New YouTube Player and Face Search

A new feature which is going to be added in YouTube is that you can jump in any part of video despite the fact, weather video has completely downloaded or not. (This feature is already available in Google Video).



Also, you will be shown thumbnails of 10 related videos for each video at the bottom of screen.


And Google uses its face-recognition technology to provide you results matching a person’s photographs instead of any image for that search term. You need to add


at the end of Google Image Search for any term like for photographs of Nitesh, use –



Update (May 29, 2007): There is one more customized search notified by same source, which is in process of making from Google – News search results just like the Face search results. In case of News image results, the URL will go like – (&imgtype=news). There is also an unofficial iGoogle Gadget released for performing these searches – the multi search gadget for iGoogle.

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