Google Books scanning University of Mysore books

Further in attempt to make universal information available at one place, as its next step, Google is going to digitize 800,000 text-books from University of Mysore, India. The whole work will be available at Google Books under the patent rights.


Google to digitise 800,000 books at Mysore varsity

“Written in both papers and palm leaves, there are around 100,000 manuscripts in our library, some dating back to the eighth century. The effort is to restore and preserve this cultural heritage for effective dissemination of knowledge,” said J Shashidhara Prasad, vice chancellor of the university.

“Many manuscripts on ayurveda, mathematics, medicine, science, astrology and economy including ‘Arthasastra’ and several paper manuscripts of the Wodeyar dynasty of Mysore will be digitised first,” Prasad, who was recently in Delhi, said.

Written either in Sanskrit or Kannada, these resources of knowledge would be patented and printed after the digitisation work is over, Prasad said.

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