Great weekend

It was a pure bachelor weekend!


A fun & movie filled weekend with loads and loads of beverages.


It started with Hattrick and beverages spread all around in home theatre. The director is no one else but Milan Luthria of Taxi No. 9211 and Kachche Dhaage. Not a bad movie – completely based on cricket. Starts with cricket and ends with the cricket although India couldn’t make it to the final. Danny has done great job and also, it is clearly stated that why people don’t like Nana’s style. Rimi Sen is over-acting as always. Kunal Kapoor is just fine. The main attraction is Nana-Dany duo. Also the NRI connection is fitted somewhere with Paresh in UK. The strength of relations is shown very well. And the way a typical NRI survives in UK/USA!



Then it was Red – a bit complex story and not a typical thriller. A bit better than other Aftab’s flop flicks. For first time, we all enjoyed watching him acting. The way a bad girl can use a guy for herself. An effort to prove that few girls possess brain better than guys but ultimately guys are proved to be the best. And there are old scratched dialogues from scriptures – Jar, Joru and Jameen, Tria Chritram Devam Na Janam blah blah.



After Red, was turn of Namaste London which Chunky and Anuj had already seen but they didn’t mind to see it again, just the way I liked watching next movie again. A really good movie. After so many months, I liked any movie. Really a story of funjabi boy. It is third movie of of Vipul Amrutlal Shah as director and he hasn’t disappointed. He holds talent to produce block-buster movies even if it is Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in the movie :roll:. Brit connection with India is shown and the lifestyle of brits – which is a bit exaggerated and quite much partial toward Indian lifestyle – in my view. The living of brit NRIs and their concern about their children…the way they come to India searching partners for their children and find one…sounds familiar? Yes, lot of movies have been made on this connection and still being made but they never fail, surprisingly! The rugby match is also a common ingredient of such movies. I liked watching even this rugby match. The dialogues are just superb. Akshay has also started doing some sensible acting. Few dialogues that I liked the most are (yes I remembered some of those which I liked) –



Ishq di mere mitra pehchaan ki,

Mit jaave jadon jid apnan di

(Love isn’t all about getting)



Ishq mein koi shart nahi hoti (No demands in love)


For first time, I liked Himesh Reshammiya singing Viraniyan – perhaps lyrics by Javed Akhtar did the work (Himesh Reshammiya & Javed Akhtar – together for first time)!


The last movie was Honeymoon Travels. A good start of movie, things run quite fastly (after all it is story of 5-6 married couples) and it keeps you excited about the next twists but by the end, the climaxes start boring you and when you come to know about super-hero couple which fights only once in 16 years, yawning is obvious. It also makes you think if director is supporting gayism or gay culture…to some extent!!!


It was 2300 in clock when the show was finally over…And we thanked GOD for long weekends and lascivious life.

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