Woh Lamhe

Yesterday, I watched Woh Lamhe…it has been long time since I wrote about any movie here although I have been watching now and then…perhaps I wasn’t in mood to write as my experience wasn’t good with some but one was really entertaining – Pyar Ke Side Effects 🙂


Yesterday, I & Chunky watched Woh Lamhe for a change. It is about the life of a psycho actress who is claimed to be Parveen Babi – the beautiful actress of her time. It was quite serious movie and that’s all I have to say but it is worth watching in theatre.


It is a flashback movie which starts when devastated director Aditya (Shiney) starts thinking about her good days with actress Sana (Kangana) who has just attempted suicide. It was his attitude which takes top actress close to him and they fall in love. Then appears the other side of Sana’s life. She has an imaginary friend who keeps pushing her to commit suicide and she makes few attempts too but it is Aditya who keeps saving her every time. She thinks that everyone around her want to kill her and she even doesn’t fail to suspect Aditya too. But it is his love for her which keeps them bounded with each other. Finally, the end appears with a buzz leaving everyone stunned.

I already love its songs…specially Kya Mujhe Pya Hai. No rating this time.

This movie reminded me of two very similar movies – Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi and Beautiful Mind. Of course, Beautiful Mind is the best among them.

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