Weekendr Launched

I was waiting for this website of its kind where you can plan your weekend activities and share them with your friends as the title goes – Share your weekend things.

The description goes like – Use weekendr to plan weekend activities with your buddies and share them with the world to make new friends

Sign Up process is just an easy fly. After confirming the membership, you are presented with your landing page where you can see recently submitted Weekendr plans, Top Weekendr tags, Top Cities, Top Countries, Top Member tags. you can also search for members in orer to add them in your friend list and share your plans with them.

 Weekendr is your place for planning and chatting about your freetime activities and making new friends.
Have a great plan for your next weekend or freetime? Wanna show the world what you have done the last weekend? Weekendr is your place to show freetime activities to the world or simply organize with your friends, colleagues or family members for the next big thing on weekend. It doesnt matter if you having a big pool party in Beverly Hills, want to wash dad’s car on sunday or simply wanna go to the cinema with your better half.

Weekendr allows you to add stories or plans about your freetime activities by filling in fields like “What, Where, When, Who” and adding details like images and tags to your story. You can invite your friends to your plans and they can accept or reject an invitation.

One Caution – As it is a social networking website, you will be asked same old questions about your interests, movies, music, boks etc…it hurts to fill them again and again 🙁

I have one more page over net linking to me – http://nitesh.weekendr.com

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