Series is over

India is out of the series and hence series is over for we Indian for whom, it isn’t less than a religion.

It was so painful to see India losing series by such a mild gap when it was looking like the match winner just 3-4 overs before the match ended. Tailenders played hopelessly this time. No one else in this whole world but Ramraj and Rajinder are responsible for this defeat of India. I had told them that they are making a big mistake by betting with me and letting India go down the series. I had already warned them. I had told them that I never loose the bets (as it isn’t in my luck) and they were thinking that it can turn other side this time. Huh. Nitesh was also informed about bet and it seemed that he was also skeptical about me, winning the bet this time.

It was fine Tuesday lunch of this week when we were discussing about this Malaysia series. Ramu started boasting that he won one beer in bet with Nitesh (Gupta)…I was supposed to defend the name – Nitesh :). So I proposed a bet to him…whatever be the side, my win was sure, I knew. So it was decided that Ramu will go with India (which was having strong chances to reach in final). If India reached in final, Ramu will take me to bar for 2 beers (although I don’t drink but I decided to gift it to name partner) and if India make it to final, I will. And then Raji also came in form :D, told that he will give me dinner at Pind Baluchi if India didn’t reach in final otherwise I will have to host the dinner.

Here were the 2 possibilities for India to reach in final –

  • It needed to win both of the next matches against WI & AUS (without any bonus point)
    Win one match with bonus point while playing other as draw (rain you know!)
  • Rest 4 days were a story. India got narrow win over WI and next win was also almost achieved but this time, I was not with India, full-hearted :M). Therefore, India lost on Friday as everyone watched…my mates watched it on BIG screen at Café Chinese and Thai. They wouldn’t have enjoyed rest of party, that much, I guess!

    Now, I have 2 big parties waiting for me ;M). This goes for the NAMENITESH (sorry cricket…I am also sorry for Team India)!

    Moral: Dare to bet with Nitesh Gautam provided he is interested in it and you are gonna loose it he he he :P.

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