Congratulation Rajeev

Rajeev has just returned after losing his bachelorhood. Yup, he is married :M)

Many many congratulations, Rajeev. Wish you the best for start of new life.

I have special interaction with this smartest guy @ CE because he was the first one to make me feel welcome at CE by giving me a beautiful complimented in front of whole engineering team! Smartest because there are very few people in this world which speak out what runs in their mind and he has proved it at few occasions which include that compliment, fire drill (although that was on funnier note) and few more. I think they deserve the reward of being smart. So next time, if you visit my blog, you better fill my guestbook and speak your mind in order to get into this category 🙄 and my sincere thank to all the smart people who have already signed it :M) Rajeev has shown his talent not only in his project but also he has created a standalone winamp-kind app. Proud to have such a genius colleague ;MD Keep it up, Rajeev

I was thinking that by the time, you start approaching 25, you start witnessing more and more marriages of people around you than ever…Does that mean that you relationship called friendship dominates all other relations in count of identities? Perhaps yes.

Note: One more good news is that I am going to have an old mate back with me. We were together @ Infy and now we are going to get together out here. He was ML in that project then switched to other big firm and finally, we are getting together once again. It was great to meet him few days ago when he was here for round.

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