A roundup of weekend news

I found an interesting pattern of following news in weekend TOI…they are interesting. See if you can recognize the pattern…

Pervez among top 10 dictators

My Super ex-Girlfriend

Okay, we know how Perter Parker conducts his romance. He hangs upside down and kisses his girl. We also know how Superman serenades his start reporter. He asks her to hop over his feet and takes her for inter-galactic flight on a dinner date. But what does supergirl do when she finds her Mr Right. She takes him into a bedroom and has super sex with him. So much so, the walls crack and ceiling almost comes crashing on them…

Threat mails to Prez: Youth held

Delhi Police’s economic offences wing (EOW) has arrested a 30-year-old man from Mumbai for sending threatening e-mails to the President of India…

Madrassa students in MP to sing ‘Vande’

Madhya Pradesh Madrassa Board chairman S K Muddin has issued a circular asking the 2.75 lakh students in 5,300 seminaries to sing Vande Mataram on September 7…

Cops busy with Ganpati, Pravin trial waits

The murder trial against Pravin Mahajan was expected to start in a sessions court on Friday but was adjourned to September 8 instead after the police pleaded its inability to produce Pravin in court. Special public prosecutor Srikant Bhat informed judge Srihari Davare that the police force was busy with bandobast duty for the Ganpati festival.

Infosys ED fined Rs 5 lakh

After selling shares of about Rs 1.74 crore in violation of insider trading norms, an executive director of Infosys Tech has got away with a paltry fine of Rs 5 lakh — less than 3% of the full bounty made from the sale.

‘Old Man’ lives to keep fighting

It was 1:45 in the morning on Friday, and Andre Agassi was hobbling toward the exit of the National Tennis Centre after one of the finest performances of a career that is not quite over, after all. But though Agassi had found a way to fight through fatigue and overcome the eighthseeded Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis in five thrilling sets, he could not find a way to make it all the way to the gate.

We Don’t Need Censorship

There comes a moment in the life of a nation when it has to decide whether it is going to be led by fears of alarmists or by the values of its founding fathers, who fought and died for its most prized value — that of free speech. We in India have reached that point today.



Along, long time ago, on a dark moonless night, on a warm, quaking bed, a young man with a love for books and his equally erudite, lovely bride sink into the arms of passion. Nine months later, a wide-eyed, bawling baby is born. The baby grows up in a house strewn with books and teeming with artists and writers, poets and singers. Endowed with the right genes, growing up both in Kolkata and Mumbai, cities that have moulded great writers, the child goes on to study at the right schools/colleges (Doon, St Stephen’s, Cambridge). Is it any wonder that words come naturally to the youngster? A writer is in the making….

Iraqi terrorists kill three Indian pilgrims

Three Indians Muslim pilgrims —all from Andhra Pradesh — were slaughtered by terrorists in Iraq, who pulled out people from a bus on the way to the holy city of Karbala and killed 14 men after separating them from women and children. The 11 others killed in the attack were Pakistani pilgrims.

Up close & public

PDA. For those who don’t get out much, here’s a translation: Public Display of Affection. The mushy-gushy, touchy-feely kinda love that’s suddenly all around us. Look up from your grilled chicken shawarma in the packed food-court of a mall on Sunday and the action on the next table amidst greasy fast-food and plastic cups will put paid to your appetite. Go for a hot cuppa to your fave cafe and you’ll find that it isn’t just the coffee that is steaming. What starts as innocent cuddling behind a crumpled tabloid escalates to heavy caressing and entwined limbs. Gawk or squawk, the groping ain’t going to stop.

The rise of desi superheroines

Better I don’t give titles to these news but I always try to find some patterns and most of the times, they turn out to be controversial and/or sensational or just like that! But it is very rare that they are social…specially if it is a headline.

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