I compared my cell with other hot ones

For me, only Nokia is the word for cell phone perhaps bcoz-

  • It doesn’t break/scratched if it fall from bed/seat on to the concrete floor like Samsung and Sony
  • It provides you ability to install/customize your cell – limits depends on your knowledge
  • It is really fast as compared to Siemens (Anuj has been using it for ages)
  • I have been accustomed to it

I was feeling cheated on my cell buying as for last few days I had been watching advertisements of 6233 a lot on TV and was thinking if that is better than mine. So I thought of using Nokia’s cellphone comparing tool to compare the best 3 these days (not from N series of course) and here what I got which assured me that still I am having the best cell. The features marked red are the ones a user cares more as I have experienced and those marked in blue shows the biasing of cellphone provider – how they manipulate terms to attract users! 6233 has 2 MP camera and 8x zoom but has no business features.

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