Anuj is back

Anuj is back and now we have grown from 2 to 3 😛

He brought lot of gadgets from China including an auto-recharging torch (magnetic field), time telling night torch, life-long matchbox (and he was indeed in need of it), then he brought Einstein Duck, mp4 player and a 7 MB digital camera (lifelong warranty) – at much cheaper prices although they are still costly in that market as Anuj said. We were amazed to see all those gadgets and that how China has grown in electronics like anything that all electronic goods from batteries to cameras and laptops are manufactured in this country and then we had small discussion (chintan) over the subject that why India cud never progress in this field. Why India cud never had any Laptop manufacturing firm? And many Qs like that!

Well all discussed, then it was time for usage of things. Torches and matchbox are necessities of Anuj! DigiCam…mmmmmmmmm…well there will be photo session everyday…ha ha ha…after all there are 3 models at home and then 2 more are residing alongside. So no drought of photogenic faces 😀 Then mp4 player…my gadget has much more capacity to store as compared to 1 GB space for MP3s in mp4 player. There are about 170 songs plus 40 videos in my 512 MB card whereas mp4 player can store at most 205 full-length mp3s (5 mins each). And moreover, at home, we have our dear TV, coutesy dear Anuj. We are never short of infra – other thing I have learnt from BLR ;). So in presence of so many gadgets, we are never gonna run out of mem! And then Chunky is coming in Sep. He also bought a digicam out there. So we 3 have cams with us all the time. Chunky has become very less respondent after going there in Germany and so was Anuj as we told him…why ppl forget others after they run out – it was matter of serious consideration yesterday. So we announced good words for both Siemensites. Anuj also got a Siemens Real Madrid T-Shirt.

Today we are going joint party – Anuj’s return back and Anu’s bday. Hey Anu, yes we are getting treat from him. Wish you also had been here. Anyways, we have no objection on having one more party, once you come ;)…after all we are party animals. And then Anuj’s bday is also coming 🙄
And we have one more creature went to Finland – Kanav Kalia. Just now got his message. He is living his life out there :). Will have a session once u r back ;). Really u r enjoying your life, man.

And today, our PM, Sumit is also here in office. He is here for about a week. Brought a book on BO for study. Installed BO today and will be going thru’ tough (or busy :roll:) schedule for next few weeks!

In the mean time, have you heard song of upcoming Hindi movies – Dil Diya Hai and Rocky? Both have good collection – must listen.

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