How does it look in IE 5.0 on Windows 98

Right now, I am writing frm my home PC which was purchased way back in 1991, as per it owner, my roomie – Anuj and now, you are open to guess its configuration :). Although it has gone thru’ too many upgrades in these 15 years but still this antique piece has celeron processor 333MHz (too slow), the speed of which is not shown in windows properties, 128 MB RAM, WIN 98 and IE 5.0.

We had taken INet broadband conn with hope that we wud utilize some of this machine but our crush dint take even 1 month to end. As goes its conf, it doesnt support many things and the things which it supports, run too slow. But our Broadband provider is kind enuf to provide us 2nd month free conn after prev one, when we had decided to disconn!

Anyway, today, I felt like kinda surfing smthing and first opened GMail and just on its first page, after I pressed tab for going to Password field from Username field, it therw JavaScript error –
Line: 130
Error: Object expected
I opted not to debug ;)

And after logging into my account, I found Delete button missing and a message on top – For a better Gmail experience, use a fully supported browser. So Gmail doesnt recommend IE 5.0 :). There are no options like All/None etc. to select/deselect all the messages – so you have to select them one by one.

And if you log into your Yahoo! account, and composing a mail, dont click Add CC link by mistake, otherwise ur IE will hand and probably, OS too. So dont take chance. I already warned you 😛

I was expecting that at least MS wud have maintained compatibility for its supported platforms, logged into my Live! Mail account and whoa, there also the same old error on Line: 650!

Anyway, by now, I had started expecting some errors to be thrown on opening my website – and as was expected, it happened but I dint worried – if it can happen with Hotmail, Gmail & Yahoo!, then why not with my website. There is Google Analytics code in my website.

So it is the pace at which tech is changing. Although browser compatibility is taken care of these days, but not the version compatibility and that too for just previous version.

Keep updated yourself with Tech otherwise you will find urself far behind today’s world.

PS: Sorry for all those typo mistakes. I forgot to mention that keyboard is also too old and keys are too hard. A keyboard from MICROTEK:oops:

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