Germany beat Sweden

Germany has made to Quarter finals by winning first 2nd round match against Sweden.

What a great start it was – 2 goals in first 12 minutes. Both goals fired by Podolski. And rest of the game was just catch and run after ball – no more goals but it was exciting. Both teams made many good moves to make goals but German defense was just amazing and Swedish were now alert and opted to sent ball out of boundary than taking any chance.

Moreover, Sweden team played with 10 players after 35th minutes when Lucic was shown red card – he was playing very rash. Germans played very gental game as they got only one Yellow card as compared to 4 shown to Swedens. If go by stats, Germans made 11 shots on goal whereas Swedens only 2. And ball possession was for 63% with Germany.

Expecting that next match will be more exciting – ARG Vs MEX (still 1 hour to start) and tomm is holiday… HURRRRRRRRRREEEEEYYYYYYY.

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