Interesting TOI poll

Although I don’t get time to read newspaper in morning…

You know, life of a guy who sleeps in night at 0230 after making Soccer teams win, as it is his moral responsibility. Then try to wake up early in morning setting alarm at 0730, then keep postponing it by 10 minutes – u know in Nokia 1100, you can postpone alarm/reminder by 10 minutes only. And finally when he opens his eyes, it is damn 0930 evday…he hurries to get ready…forgets things and finally when he is up, it is too late to look around. He picks up his helmet, runs outside like anything, locking evthing (oh roomies I m missing u…I m alone!), then speeding up his bike to achieve 100 kmph on a 4.2 km pathway to office πŸ™

Oh, I forgot to tell you that final results are out for World cup, my all favs are in Round 2 including Ghana, Brazil, Italy, Maxico and Ghana (Ghana played really hard in its first WC) whereas Iran, Angola USA & CZE are out. Today all teams of Group G will play to decide their destiny – FRA with TOG and SUI wid KOR. FRA will have to win if it wants to be in next round.

Anyway, while leaving home in morning, by accident, this poll came into my sight on front page of TOI and I cudnt ignore it. So took paper in my hands and poll was about the Poll conducted by Readers Digest (RD) sometime ago in which Bombay err sorry Mumbai πŸ™‚ was voted as world’s rudest city and this poll was –

The thing which attracted me the most was those 52% who agree with this.

I am against such polls where you conduct polls on regional basis…after all, we all are Indians and TOI was the one which had conducted a poll and published results in Mumbai Mirror. Of course, poll was against that of RD. Although RD had conducted it at international level, TOI conducted it at regional level.

And as results were published in Mumbai times, of course, it was shown that Delhi, Kolkata topped the charts and Mumbai is the polite one. Yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror’s Lead Story and Ciy sections were full of this issue.
Now, today’s poll at national level. What is the intention of TOI?

Anyway, still thinking, is Mumbai the rudest???

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