Top Microsoft man calls it quits

This is the headline of news about Martin Taylor, Marketing lead for Windows Live.

After Scoble, it is another big jottle to MS.

Here is the excerpt –

The executive leading the world’s largest software maker’s marketing strategy to challenge rival Google Inc. has left the company, at a time when Microsoft struggles to solidify new sources of revenue growth.

Microsoft did not detail why Martin Taylor left the world’s biggest software maker after the 13-year company veteran was appointed in March to lead marketing efforts for Windows Live.

Microsoft’s suite of Windows Live services, which includes e-mail, search, mapping and social networking, aims to unite the company’s various Web programs under a unified brand and look so it can better compete against Yahoo Inc. and Google in the fast-growing online advertising market.

The move by Taylor also comes as Microsoft, whose Windows operating system runs an estimated 90 per cent of the world’s personal computers, struggles to find new sources of growth in a software market that is rapidly evolving.

Taylor’s departure follows the decision announced last week by Microsoft’s co-founder and the world’s richest man Bill Gates that over the next two years he would ease out of a day-to-day role at the company to focus more on philanthropy.

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