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I have been thinking of writing about CE, the day I joined this great Organization and have been gathering data to mention.

For sake of disclaimer, I would like to mention that the matter is my personal opinion and the numbers/facts can be wrong at the time of going online.

Here I go –

About CE – As I mentioned about CE in my Professional summary,

CE provides innovative online financial applications for banks, credit unions and wealth management firms. CE’s solutions include end-to-end online account opening and funding, funds transfer and data consolidation. These proven solutions are flexible, scalable and supported by extensive risk management capabilities.

The History – CE was co-founded by Sanjeev Dheer in 1999. The India operations of CE were started in 2004 at Delhi and later, Chennai office came into form. Since 2004, CE, India has grown like anything from strength of 20 employees in 2004 to about 144 employees in 2006. The Delhi center has about 90 employees out of which 73 are in Engineering and 17 in Quality. The products offerings has also increased from 3 products to 4 full-fledged business suits comprising of different products. It has almost completely captured the top banking market of US, specially, the funds transfer sector. And still the story is progressing…
The Products – CE offers products to the financial institutions under following suits:
1. Product Suits

2. Bank Suite

a) Retail Banking

  • OpenNow
  • FundNow
  • OpenNow | FundNow
  • TransferNow
  • EZSendNow
  • AggregateNow

b) Small Business Banking

  • Small Business Transfers
  • Small Business Invoicing

3. Credit Union Suite

  • OpenNow
  • FundNow
  • OpenNow | FundNow
  • AggregateNow
  • TransferNow
  • EZSendNow

4. Wealth Management Suite

  • AllData
  • AllData/FA
  • AggregateNow

The best thing about CE is its strong employee base and the open work environment. Everything is made open to its employees and all the freedom is provided to them with the excellent facility structure. You are not accountable to anyone else except immediate manager – but the managers here are more than your buddies. I have been enjoying company of my managers just as that of close friends. No formal mention anywhere πŸ˜‰ – you I know it has its own de-merits but as the org structure exists, CE is more than just an org!

Everyone has direct approach to HR which can be contacted anytime and HR deptt. – just dont ask. It is more than just managers – the friends, companions goes to the extent of secret sharers – on that day of farewell, Sachi mentioned about GF thing of Sanjeev. Here HRD doesnt mean Human Resource Department but Human Resource Development.

Ok too much of good talks and now a small talk about negatives –

  • There are no games. Initially there was TT at 2nd floor but it was removed about a month ago for development. These days, Quake II is the only game to be satisfied with.
  • Monthly parties are organized on team basis in Engineering section, which, in my view, is less productive than organizing parties of respective sections – Engineering and QA. QA has always been organizing combined parties.
  • Bureaucracy…sometimes

Now, here goes top 10 facts about CE, Delhi which I have come to infer after long time observations –

  1. Party Animals – 99% (rest 1% in QA)
  2. Alcoholic – 95%
  3. Music Lovers – 92%
  4. Smoky – 90%
  5. Sport Lovers – 85%
  6. Bikers – 70% (all boys)
  7. Workaholics – 28% (27% in basement)
  8. Geeks – 8% (like VP/NT)
  9. All Time Freaks (ATF)/ – 6.67% (V 6)
    Whole Time Freaks (WTF :))
  10. Boys : Girls – 87.5 : 12.5 (needs serious consideration πŸ˜€ )
    (Here married and committed couples are excluded as it is not male : female ratio)

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