BJP going to hold protests against price hike

So at last BJP has decided to come on roads but not against Reservation issue (although one of its leaders – Mr. Navjot Siddhu had) but against price hike of petrol and diesel.

Name of the stir is – Rasta Roko.

I dont think that they have any solid reason to stand against it when it was long awaited & very much expected decision to be taken as was published in Business world of 1st/2nd week of December last year where all the losses of Petroleum sector players were listed in row – not even single firm is going into profit. Same is the case with public sector banking in India and it is another hard challenege against UPA govt., to take an appropriate action for reforming banking sector.

And BJP want other allies to stand up with it stating that this hike is in turn, going to rise prices of other essential goods – long livethe politics…ha ➡
BJP to hold nationwide stir, trains gun at Left

BJP will hold a two-hour ‘rasta roko’ across the country on Wednesday to protest against the hike in petrol and diesel prices and the UPA government’s “failure” to hold the price line.

The ‘rasta roko’ would be held between 11 am and 1 pm on Wednesday and party workers have been asked to organise the protests everywhere, said party chief Rajnath Singh.

BJP also would like to have its NDA allies to join the protest as the steep hike was bound to push up the prices of all other essential commodities.

But care should be taken to ensure that school children, ambulances and people carrying dead bodies for cremation were not inconvenienced during the protest, he said.

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